Swaddling Instructions

Because of its patented shape, you don’t need to pre-fold the top corner of The Nurture Blanket™ down (as other square-shaped swaddling blankets require);  The Nurture Blanket™ is the ideal shape without pre-folding.  Start by laying The Nurture Blanket™  flat with long end at the top.

Place baby with the back of her head on the stitched line in the middle top border of the blanket.  This is your starting line.  Don’t worry that the blanket seems too high, as the blanket will be pulled down into the proper position as the swaddle is completed.

Bring baby’s arms to rest on her tummy with elbows flexed.  Then pull right flap of blanket down and across baby’s chest and arms.

Tuck right flap under baby’s back snugly while rolling baby slightly on her side.  Then roll baby back so she is on her back.

Ensure baby’s first shoulder is completely covered so that baby’s arms stay inside the swaddling.

Lift the bottom edge of the blanket up towards baby’s face, being careful that the blanket edge doesn’t touch or cover baby’s face.

While holding the bottom blanket edge on baby’s torso and arms, take the left flap of the blanket and pull down across baby’s torso.
Notice the V-shape that the two flaps have formed under baby’s chin.

With your left hand, keep the blanket V-shape in place on baby’s torso.

With your right hand, wrap the left flap up and over baby’s left shoulder and wrap behind baby’s neck.

Tuck the end of the blanket into the front of the swaddle, like tucking in a dinner napkin.  Baby is snuggly and effectively swaddled.